How Massage Can Help Improve Posture

Do you know that postural problems can impact negatively on the quality of your life over the years? Worse still, it gets even more complicated as you age. Quite a good percentage of people experience back problems at some point in their lives. The main culprit? Improper posture mainly at work.

How Do You Develop Postural Problems?

Our bodies comprise of interconnected soft tissues meaning that whenever there is a problem at one part of the system, the surrounding areas are also hurt. A good example is when muscles in your lower back tighten. Due to the contraction of the ligaments and muscles, your body has to adjust to the changes by twisting slightly. And it becomes worse due to the resultant pain once you attempt to position upright.

Factors that Cause Postural Issues

In most cases, occupational demands are to blame for an unnatural posture. Most of us spend too much seated and slouched forward at an office desk as we use our computers.

Others Causes of Poor Posture;

  • Bad positioning of the body during recreational activities such as watching TV or even when sleeping.
  • Type of clothing and footwear.
  • Muscle tension and weakness
  • Disease and nutritional choice

Contribution of Massage to Improving Posture

The good news is massage can correct your bad posture. Deep tissue massage therapy remains the most effective at correcting awkward posture if done by an expert. The massage technique uses a neuromuscular approach. The first thing your massage therapist will do during your appointment is to analyze your gait and the musculoskeletal structure. The analysis will help the therapist design a treatment plan.

Basically, deep tissue massage seeks to locate the soft tissues and the tense, stiff muscles located beneath the skin and then realigning them. Your massage therapist will pay attention to the muscles located in the neck, lower back, and shoulders. The massage helps to lengthen them offering a wide range for the joints to move back into their original position. With time, the pain should reduce and posture improved. 

Work demands may be hard to deal with. However, as we work, maintaining a good posture is the secret to a healthy life. If you experience postural problems, a massage therapy can help rectify.

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