Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease With a Therapeutic Massage

A professional massage is isn’t simply a method for reducing the tension built up in different areas of the body. It provides life altering health benefits as well. There are many reasons why a massage can benefit a person's health, with a boost in heart health remaining one of the most notable. It doesn't matter if someone struggles with cardiovascular conditions, have suffered a stroke, or they want a way to boost their overall heart health, they can do exactly this with the help of a relaxing, therapeutic massage.

The Natural Build Up

Over time, lactic acid is going to naturally build up in muscles around the body. This can cause extremities to go cold. It can also cause muscle aches and the occasional tightness in the chest. By breaking down the buildup of the lactic acid, a person is no longer going to experience cold hands and feet and they should be able to prevent the stiff muscles and tightness in the chest. It also, in return, has a direct impact on the health of the heart as well.

Improve Blood Flow

When the lactic acid is broken down, it reduces barriers that can restrict the flow of blood throughout the body. With the barriers gone, the new blood flow will improve circulation throughout the entire body, which in turn allows for an oxygen rich blood to travel throughout the body. The better the blood flow and the more oxygen found in the blood, the more effectively it can improve muscle function, including the heart. This way, after exercising, going for a walk or strenuous activity, the additional blood flow and oxygen can speed up the repair of any strained muscle tissue in the heart and strengthen it, all thanks to the therapeutic massage that helped remove the lactic acid.

Lower Heart Rate

Besides the benefit of breaking down lactic acid build-up, an therapeutic massage every three weeks (or sooner, depending on your massage therapist’s recommendation) is going to also minimize the individual's level of stress and slow the heart rate of the person undergoing massage therapy. When the heart rate drops, cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone, also drops down. Likewise, with the dropping of the heart rate, both diastolic and systolic (blood pressure) drop as well. As the drop off of blood pressure and heart rate continues, it allows the body to completely relax and alleviates any feelings of anxiety, which can negatively affect the heart as well. With the many health benefits it offers, a regular  massage therapy session should be a part of any workout, diet and health regimen for a complete, full body relaxation and wellness experience.

Ways to Boost the Heart Health

There are a few combinations that when put together help improve heart function. When used in tandem with regularly scheduled massage, a person should start to feel much better in no time. As previously stated, both an exercise regimen and proper diet is important (with reduced sodium and caffeine intake). Limiting alcohol and avoiding tobacco all together help with this as well. Additionally, increasing the amount of water someone drinks can prove beneficial as well.

With serious cardiovascular problems, such as heart disease remaining one of the top killers of Americans today, it is important for everyone to do whatever they can to improve their heart health. While working out and a proper diet both help with this, there are a variety of elements at play here that can be utilized to boost the general health of the heart and ensure that it remains safe and functioning properly. A routine massage session is one method is sure to be a huge help in many different ways. 

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